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The AGN Avocats network simplifies the law for you:

  • A local service: a branch near you
  • A lawyer will call you back within 48 hours to arrange an appointment
  • A consultation at €75 for individuals, €120 for professionals
  • Quality services thanks to the common commitments of the AGN network
  • Transparent pricing with our packages & detailed quotes

Make an appointment at the branch, by telephone or video conference

Our law firm in Rodez

Discover our agency AGN Avocats in Rodez

The AGN Avocats Rodez office provides all the services offered within the AGN network.

Master Elisabeth Rudelle-Vimini

Master Jérémy Mainguy

Attorney Vincent Vimini

Julie Imbert - Associate lawyer

Hazel Tuncer - Associate Lawyer

Maître Théophile Archimbaud - Associate Lawyer

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Find a lawyer in Rodez easily

How does it work to consult an AGN lawyer in Rodez?

How to get a lawyer quickly in Rodez?

The AGN agency network allows you to make an appointment with a lawyer in Rodez within 48 hours. Our lawyers are available, attentive, transparent and of high quality. To make a request for an appointment quickly, simply make an appointment online.

What is the price of a consultation with a lawyer in Rodez?

In all the AGN Avocats network, your first appointment with a lawyer is at a fixed price. The consultation of a lawyer in Rodez (or in the whole of France) is 75€ for individuals and 120€ for professionals.

How to choose a lawyer in Rodez ?

Each AGN Avocats office is managed by several lawyers. Each of them has different expertise, which may overlap. By choosing AGN Avocats, you are assured of being accompanied by a complete team of lawyers, always adapted to your needs. Therefore, whatever the nature of the case that you will entrust to your AGN lawyer in Rodez, his colleagues will be there to support him. Finally, the fees charged are fixed and identical for each field of law.

How does AGN Avocats Rodez work?

AGN Avocats Rodez, like each AGN agency, operates in the following manner:
1- the lawyers of each agency are selected by the AGN management team to ensure a high quality of service
2- making an appointment is easy and fast: you just have to do it from this website
3- the price of the first appointment is fixed: 75€ for individuals and 120€ for companies
4- depending on the nature of the case, you have the possibility to consult an expert lawyer in each field of law, within the AGN Avocats network.

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2 Rue Pasteur
- 12000 Rodez

09 72 34 24 72 (Switchboard)

05 65 68 60 65 (Agency)

By appointment from Monday to Friday 09h00-19h00

AGN's commitments

In Rodez, committed lawyers at your service

The AGN Lawyers network simplifies the law for you.



AGN lawyers are close to you to facilitate access to the law in any situation.


AGN's lawyers will inform you of their fees before any commitment is made and all our fees are fixed.


AGN's lawyers are committed to providing you with a high quality service with a constant concern for consistency throughout the country.


AGN's lawyers are committed to offering you an appointment and to responding to any request within 48 hours.

Our areas of expertise

A specific legal response to each question

The areas of law offered by the AGN Avocats network to individuals and professionals

Family Affairs

In the field of family law, the AGN Avocats network offers you legal assistance at every stage of your life, whether you are a couple, children, separation or succession.

Labour Law

AGN's lawyers can assist you at every stage of the employment relationship, from the conclusion of a contract to its termination.

Real estate

The AGN Avocats network assists you in the acquisition, rental or sale of a property.


The AGN Avocats network assists both private individuals and professionals with any tax problems or with optimising their assets.

Liability & Insurance

Victim of an injury that requires compensation? Are you being challenged by a third party who has suffered a loss? In these circumstances, the AGN Avocats network can assist you.

Contracts & Consumer Affairs

The rights and obligations that arise from the contracts you sign every day need to be understood or defended. The AGN Avocats network is there to help you.

Business start-ups

AGN's lawyers, who are themselves entrepreneurs, will help you find relevant and centralised information on the legal, tax, social and contractual implications of setting up a business.

Business Law

AGN's lawyers are at the side of companies and entrepreneurs to accompany them during all the stages of their development, from creation to the completion of their projects.

Advice from a lawyer within 48 hours

In Rodez, the AGN Avocats network simplifies the law for you